28 DIY Wall Jewelry Organizer Ideas

There is absolutely no woman or girl who didn’t love jewelry. It really is good to truly have a lot charms but it is best if you understand each and every time where is your chosen couple of earrings or your chosen necklace. If you keep your earrings in boxes you’ll be able to make a huge mess and damage or entangled your jewelry. End your nervousness each and every time you`ll choose a little bit of jewelry- make an extraordinary wall charms organizer.

This fun DIY projects are mostly for girls, nevertheless, you can surprise your lady making an excellent organizer on her behalf jewelry. Fill your free time with something fun and interesting as these creative projects. They’ll not take a very long time and will set you back almost nothing.

And that means you will have significantly more benefits if you will know where is your chosen piece of charms and you’ll have beautiful decorations on your walls. For saving your time and effort as well as your patience each and every time when you’ll need jewelry, all you have to is some old unused item, just a little effort and imagination. If you are like me, you have a significant amount of (cheap) rings no fancy charms box. And although you may had a earrings box, who would like almost all their long, beaded necklaces getting all through to one another? I’d rather not use my free time untangling necklaces.

You will not believe how simple it is to carefully turn a simple wooden tray into a hanging charms organizer. I made this DIY version by using a plain wooden tray and a decorative aluminum sheet I came across at a craft store. The pattern of the metal isn’t just cute and trendy but also the perfect condition and size for displaying French wire earrings. Then add cup hooks, and there is a spot to stash necklaces and bracelets. If you have been searching for ways to stylishly keep the rings to be able, here will be the steps I followed because of this easy DIY project.


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